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November 28, 2013


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Look at these fine, awesome, talented artists!!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 28, 2013, 3:19 PM
Check them out, comment, fave, and watch, these are some artists worth watching!!!

Your Welcome to everyone!!!

p.s I noticed something a bit strange, there are over 225 viewers of this journal yet only a few people participated. C'mon all it's free and takes a few seconds. Share your art :D


TheWritingDragon's OC Contest Entry #2 by Karire Breeze by Karire Pink Daisy [Critique?] by Karire Mocha Trakehner by Karire Golden by Karire


Mushroom alone by Verathin Glub by Verathin Parcee by Verathin Earth by Verathin Steampunk? by Verathin


Lovers by MichaelNN Alone Flower II by MichaelNN Boats II by MichaelNN Sun And Sea by MichaelNN Lamborghini Aventador IV by MichaelNN


<da:thumb id="414599061"/> Halloween mycandy witch by XhelyX <da:thumb id="407985405"/> On stairs :) * my house * by XhelyX pikachu by XhelyX


Time by EnniArt Boy by EnniArt Dragon Tattoo by EnniArt Poppydream by EnniArt Water nymph by EnniArt


Chibi Keychain17 by pampd  My name is St. Jimmy by pampd Tumblr Girl by pampd Show the Jayness inside by pampdIt's Choco and it's minty! :fanart: by pampd


Pcomm: Merieth!! by myumyu-myuzu Pcomm: Roslue-chii: Risa and Rizky! by myumyu-myuzu Pcomm: mangagurlsmiles - chibi! by myumyu-myuzu My Pixel OC! by myumyu-myuzu Pcomm: Nichu-Chu! by myumyu-myuzu


Protecting the Princess !! by zaphyrae Sunlight by zaphyrae the Golden Snitch by zaphyrae Chigaco Skyline by zaphyrae Kinkaku-Ji by zaphyrae


Sunset sun rise thing by ASHdoodle01 Australia by ASHdoodle01 Bob the Unicorn by ASHdoodle01 God Tier John by ASHdoodle01 In the Rain by ASHdoodle01


London Zoo - Aquatic - 1 by Isabella-Alice Montepulciano, Italy by Isabella-Alice Driving Around (19) by Isabella-Alice More Volterra Landscape by Isabella-Alice Montepulciano, Italy by Isabella-Alice


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  Sunset by shadow-bahar  Mermaid by shadow-bahar   Knitted Heartless by shadow-bahar  Training... by shadow-bahar   Bardiya by shadow-bahar


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Emotion ColorsIf darkness engulfs light,
Like sadness prevails happiness,
How does happiness stay strong,
I think emotions are like,
Different colors-on a spectrum,
Each is different and stands out.
We are filled of these colors,
They create our different moods,
Red for madness,
Yellow for happiness,
Orange for confusion,
Green for envy,
Blue for sadness,
Purple for joy,
Black for depression,
And so many more.
At any point in time,
Each one of us has many colors,
They keeping changing size,
From overpowering,
To just lightly there,
Colors swirl inside.
While sometimes you feel that,
Only one emotion is inside,
There is probably a little bit of another.
We can not control,
Our colors sometimes,
We can't always be,
Yellow or Purple,
Or never be,
Black or Blue,
But we can try being,
the glass half full,
And show kindness and compassion,
So that the others colors,
Are good colors.
InnocenceThe sweet little girl happily skipped down the lane,
She shone with innocence and was wide-eyed,
She smiled broadly at everyone she met on her way,
They had to smile at this pretty little girl, so kind,
On her way she met a young pauper boy,
She greeted him with a bright smile,
He smiled and said how do you do,
They conversed for awhile before the boy had to go,
Then the little girl made her way down the path,
She was met by an old lady who said,
"Girl you shouldn't have spoken to that pauper."
"He just needed a smile," she replied,
"To brighten his day".
"Oh little girl you're so innocent,
He might have taken you away."
"Oh no marm, he wouldn't he is a nice boy who,
Needed a smile."
The little girl strolled off to her home.
The old lady realized,
She wasn't so naive as she thought.
This girl wasn't unworldly, she understood,
Everyone needs a smile.
How wise her words were and are.
LightA lamp,
That engulfs the night,
Shines like a star from afar.
A guiding sun,
For the ones,
That can not see.
It leads the wary,
Through the dark,
Without fear,
For as long as it can reach.
This lamp is the light,
For this little piece of earth,
A beacon of the night.
Hold my HandHold my hand,
I'm scared,
I need someone close,
My thoughts are driving me crazy,
Please hold my hand,
It will put me at ease,
Your warmth will make me feel,
Protected and safe,
Just hold my hand,
It will help me ever so much,
Hand and hand we will go,
NightThe welcoming cover,
Of the night,
Stars light up,
The darkened sky,
When most are at bed,
I lay awake,
At this mystical time,
I take in,
The night that makes,
Everything anew,
Deafening silence,
Large shadows creeping,
With a cool breeze,
I reflect upon,
The past day,
And the day to come,
Oh night,
What a beautiful time.

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
Vintage Music brushes by Scully7491
Skin by caybeach (modified by ChaseStarlit)
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Such gorgeous work from everyone!

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